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Our approach

Design is ultimately about connection; connecting people to their goals, to each other, and to their very best selves.

We have a lot to say about this, which is why we’re writing a book! We’re in the brainstorming phase; here’s a rough outline to give you insight into how we approach our work.

Designing ConnectionBeyond Human-Centered Design

  • Defining ConnectionIt’s not just about people

Part One: Working with Humans

  • People-firstIn theory and in practice
  • Designing as a teamWe don’t need to be superstars
  • Design-friendly cultureCultivating an environment where ideas thrive
  • Embracing vulnerabilityBefriending discomfort to find the truth underneath
  • Ethical awarenessDefining the impact of our work
  • Win-Win-WinThe goal of compassionate design

Part Two: Inventing Ideas

  • Hope needs inventingThe purpose of innovation
  • Developing empathyListening for full understanding
  • Holistic problem-solvingDesign is never the problem
  • Design improvAn additive process for expanding small ideas
  • Holding onto uncertaintyRecognizing our cults of thought
  • Integrative thinkingHarmonizing competing perspectives

Part Three: Doing the Work

  • Shitty rough draftsCelebrating quick, imperfect forms
  • Focusing on feelingsThe art and science of designing emotion
  • Questioning assumptionsPrioritizing curiosity over knowledge
  • Designing with humilityWhen the ego keeps us stuck
  • Multi-disciplinary designCombining our interests instead of compartmentalizing
  • Creative conflictThe friction that leads to better design

Part Four: Making It Better

  • MagicThe outcome of caring too much
  • Collaborative iterationPartnering with clients to make better things better
  • Perpetual discoveryA state of constant adjustment
  • Stubborn pursuit of something greatWe will not stop until we get there

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